There was once a woman who was tired of being trapped in her own mind, body, and heart. She had held herself so quiet and still for so long that she felt like a decaying tree, only noticed by the mushrooms and moss growing on her. Her roots clutched the earth in a tight grip, and while her flowers budded, they dropped before opening, or only opened after the last helpful bees and insects were long gone..

Then she decided to start doing things differently by sending out a call for help to the surrounding forest–help to waken her so she could dance in the wind and thrive. Help arrived in various forms from friends new and old, and she began opening to receive it all gracefully. No longer refusing the help due to fear of appearing weak, or shutting down when it didn’t look how she expected. She started feeling more hopeful as she could see and feel everything inside her shifting. She rejoiced, dancing and playing with her friends, flipping her green branches, softening and deepening her roots, and blossoming new buds in gentle confidence that they would open in divine timing.

As she kept walking on this path, she became a queen of the forest–a flowering, fruitful goddess that nurtured herself and so many others. She became visible to all: brilliant, shining and beautiful.


The above is a story I wrote as part of a retreat I attended earlier this year with AglaĆ©e Jacob, of Radicata Nutrition The words in italics were her prompts, and I wrote the rest. I really enjoyed this way of writing–it’s nice to have a starting point when faced with the blank page. Another friend, a published author of several best-sellers, showed me a similar kind of writing exercise the other day, using only the letters of the alphabet in order as “prompts.” That too, was enjoyable, though a little more challenging. In both cases, I found that I wrote about myself.

Do you see any of yourself in my story? Comment below to let me know. If you feel like you’d like to start doing things differently, perhaps working with me would be a way to do just that. Take a look around, and schedule a free 15 minute discovery session with me if you’d like to speak further! Have a wonderful day.