there’s a very large tree in my backyard. her grace was apparent the moment i saw her through the windows before i officially moved in. and as i witnessed her topmost branches catching the first light each sunny morning, and holding onto the last of it in the evenings—her wisdom quietly shined. the branches—bifurcating here, gnarling there—hint at a long and adventurous life. she’s the wise matriarch among the rest of the younger backyard greens.

i moved in late last summer, and as i listened to the mournful toll of the foghorns from ships coming in and out of the Golden Gate, i wondered if her leaves would turn color in the fall/winter (seasons arrive late in San Francisco). i noticed several kinds of birds flit in and around its widespread branches, from little sparrows foraging for insects, to crows perching for a bit before swooping down to the birdbath on the ground level, to robins and bluejays checking out the territory. i even sat in awe as a juvenile hawk rested awhile on a branch at my eye level on the 4th thursday of last november. 😉 a true gift to my soul. (see pic–pardon the blur through dirty windows—i didn’t want to scare him off.)

now that we’re almost through the winter, i can attest that the leaves do NOT turn color, they just let go; the winds helping them along. i then wondered: would all the leaves just drop and leave all the branches bare, as trees did in the midwest where i grew up? soon i started noticing that even as old leaves fell, many new leaves and little branches were growing out. it’s inspiring to see both ends of the cycle at once, because i realized that i too, have dropped old habits, and grown some new ones. i’ve let go of drinking alcohol (2 years, 7 months now!); i stopped allowing myself to stay in situations where i’m only tolerated and not celebrated; and i’ve been healing old traumas. at the same time, i’ve added new strengths and skills, and explored and practiced new ways of thinking, living, and being.

in the past, i’ve thought that i couldn’t “level up” in my life UNTIL i fully “let go” of whatever “baggage” was holding me down. now i know that it’s quite possible to slowly let go, while slowly growing, all at the the same time. life continues, and the cycle continues, as the wise tree quietly shows me every day.

are you letting go of any habits or ways of being? or are you growing in new ways? are you doing both at once, or focusing on one at a time? what do you feel works best for you?

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