Carolyne Anne (C.A.) Jordan offers vocal coaching and training to people who are ready to heal their relationship with their voice. Calling upon years of professional experience as an operatic soprano and voiceover artist, C.A. has developed her proprietary Soulsing Method, empowering even the most inexperienced singers to find a stronger, healthier voice inside.

My Approach

C.A. holds a gentle, highly skilled space for you to explore and expand your full range of vocal expression, so that you can not only sing with more confidence and delight, but are also more equipped in your everyday life to set boundaries, speak your needs, and create nourishing relationships with your loved ones.

When she is not holding private virtual sessions or intimate group classes, C.A. performs with the San Francisco Opera Chorus and offers professional voiceover work.

To inquire about private or group Soulsing sessions, please visit https://soul-sing.com. For more information on upcoming performances, to hear recordings, or to engage Miss Jordan for singing, teaching, or voiceover work, please go to https://casinger.com.