Let Your voice, and spirit, soar!

Group Classes

1. ONE 90 min. class for $79, presented via webinar, with recording provided

You will come out of this class calm, centered, yet energized; ready to meet your day or week.

Classes offered starting January 22, 2022! Register here.

Private Sessions

1. ONE 60 min. session for $99; recording provided (new clients only)

In this 1:1 session, especially for new clients, you’ll receive an overview of my 8-step Soulsing Method™, which can help you find your soul’s true voice.

2. 3 months of weekly private sessions $900 (saving over $250); recordings provided; FREE BONUS

This longer commitment is a true investment in yourself, and will provide a thorough exploration of the Soulsing Method™. Together we’ll discover your soul’s true voice, and how to best use it to help overcome challenges, reach your goals, and feel more joy in your life.

FREE BONUS: a personalized meditation recording made just for you by C.A., specifically geared towards you and your goals. (Meditations will be recorded after your first month of private sessions, to ensure optimum personalization.)

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